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Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Cologne is renowned for its long-lasting scent, which can last up to 10 hours on skin and much longer on clothes. Depending on individual skin chemistry, the time can vary slightly. The top notes of pear, mint and lavender might evaporate first, but the heart and base notes like cinnamon, amber, vanilla, and cedar will linger on your skin, giving the fragrance its characteristic durability. It is perfect for people who want their cologne to last all day or night without reapplying.

How Long Does Jean Paul Gaultier Male Last?

However, the scent longevity of a fragrance depends on various factors such as skin type, application method, climate, and even the formulation of the fragrance itself. Le Male is an Eau de Toilette concentration, which typically lasts for around two to three hours, although it can vary based on the aforementioned factors.

While the scent of Le Male may not last as long as some other fragrances, it remains a classic choice for many men. It’s iconic bottle, inspired by the torso of Jean Paul Gaultiers male model and muse, epitomizes the sexy and provocative style of the designer. The fragrance has spawned numerous flankers and variations, including a limited edition Le Male Popeye bottle and Le Male Pride, released in 2019 to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.

Ultimately, the longevity of Le Male depends on the individual wearer and their preferences. Some people may find that it lasts all day, while others may need to reapply after a few hours.

Comparison of Jean Paul Gaultier Male to Other Fragrances in Terms of Longevity.

This is a comparison of the longevity of Jean Paul Gaultier Male fragrance to that of other fragrances.

Apart from seasonality, it’s important to consider the setting and occasion when deciding when to wear Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male. With it’s bold and seductive scent, it’s perfect for a night out on the town or a romantic date. It’s long-lasting performance and unique blend of notes make it a go-to fragrance for those looking to make a statement.

When Should I Wear Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male?

It’s a rich, creamy sweetness to it that can feel a bit cloying on hot summer days, so it’s best to save it for when the temperature drops. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is a fragrance that’s great for night-time wear. Whether youre going out for a romantic dinner or hitting the club scene, it exudes confidence and charisma. You don’t necessarily have to wear it exclusively for dates – it’s versatile enough to wear for any occasion where you want to make an impression.

In terms of age range, JPG Ultra Male is a scent that skews toward younger wearers, but it can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates it’s unique blend of notes. It’s not a scent thats overly formal, so it’s also well-suited to casual occasions or when you want to add a touch of playfulness to your outfit. One thing to keep in mind is that the fragrance is quite strong, so youll want to apply with a light hand.

It’s combination of sweet, spicy and woody notes work together to create a scent thats both unique and memorable. Whether youre looking to attract a romantic partner, impress your friends, or simply feel good about yourself, Ultra Male is a great choice. Just remember to wear it in the right setting and youre sure to turn heads!

Comparison to Other Fragrances in the Jean Paul Gaultier Line

This article will discuss how different fragrances in the Jean Paul Gaultier line compare to one another. We’ll explore their unique scent profiles and what sets them apart from each other.


In conclusion, the longevity of Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is commendable and is likely to last over 9 hours on the skin. It’s important to note that the fragrance may be quite potent, and as such, it’s advisable to go light when wearing it indoors, particularly in enclosed areas. Overall, if you’re in search of a long-lasting fragrance with an excellent sillage, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is definitely worth trying out.

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