How Does 360 Purple Smell? A Fragrance Review

The captivating fragrance of 360 Purple from Perry Ellis is a delightful blend that will leave you intoxicated by it’s intoxicating aroma. As soon as you spray this enchanting scent, you’ll be greeted with a burst of wild blackberry, juicy peach, and pink apple blossom that embodies a refreshing sensation without being overpowering. Moving into the heart of the fragrance, you’ll discover a symphony of creamy tuberose, pink rose, fresh Muguet, wild mimosa, and jasmine, which together create an air of subtle femininity that’s absolutely captivating. This fragrance is truly a testament to the art of perfumery, as it combines the perfect balance of sweet, fresh, and floral notes to create an irresistible aroma that lingers in the air long after you've left the room. So, if you're seeking a fragrance that’s both alluring and elegant, look no further than 360 Purple from Perry Ellis.

Does Perry Ellis 360 Smell Good?

The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy melon and fresh tangerine, instantly invoking a sense of vibrancy and energy. As it settles on the skin, the floral notes of lavender, rose, and lily blend seamlessly, creating an elegant and sophisticated aroma that’s both captivating and alluring.

The aquatic accords in Perry Ellis 360 add a touch of oceanic freshness, evoking a cool breeze on a sunny day. This element of the fragrance enhances it’s overall appeal, making it suitable for both casual daytime wear and formal evening occasions. The combination of these different elements creates a harmonious balance, resulting in a fragrance that’s both uplifting and comforting.

One of the standout characteristics of Perry Ellis 360 is it’s versatility. The fragrance is suitable for all seasons, making it a great choice for year-round wear. It’s light and airy composition make it perfect for hot summer days, while it’s warmth and depth make it equally appealing during the colder months.

The heart of the fragrance reveals a floral blend of lavender, rosemary and lily of the valley, adding a touch of elegance. As the scent settles, a base of sweet vanilla, musk and amber ensures a lasting impression. With it’s bold and alluring aroma, red 360 embodies confidence and charisma.

What Does Red 360 Smell Like?

The heart of 360 Red is a combination of aromatic lavender, sweet and woody cedarwood, and the exotic scent of patchouli. These notes seamlessly blend together to create a fragrance that’s both captivating and invigorating. As the fragrance dries down, a rich base of warm amber and creamy vanilla adds a touch of sensual sweetness.

360 Red is a bold and sophisticated scent that exudes confidence and charisma. It’s perfect for the modern man who isnt afraid to stand out from the crowd. The citrusy notes provide a burst of energy, while the spices add a touch of warmth and spice. The fragrance is long-lasting, ensuring that you’ll smell fresh and alluring throughout the day.

The fragrance is well-balanced, with each note complementing and enhancing the others. The result is a captivating aroma that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

It embodies the essence of masculinity, with it’s fresh and spicy accords. It’s invigorating aroma will keep you feeling confident and smelling amazing all day long.

The History and Background of 360 Red Perfume.

360 Purple is a fragrance that was launched by the American fashion house Perry Ellis in 2013. It’s a floral and fruity scent designed for women. The perfume is named after it’s vibrant purple packaging, which reflects the bold and playful nature of the fragrance.

The scent opens with refreshing top notes of blackberry, plum, and apple. These fruity notes give the perfume a sweet and juicy aroma that’s perfect for everyday wear. As the fragrance develops, it reveals a heart of orchid, jasmine, and rose. These floral accords add a touch of femininity and elegance to the scent.

Finally, the base notes of musk and sandalwood provide a warm and sensuous finish to the perfume. These notes add depth and longevity to the fragrance, ensuring that it lingers on the skin throughout the day.

Overall, 360 Purple is a delightful fragrance that combines fruity and floral notes to create a playful and feminine scent. It’s perfect for those who seek a vibrant and unique fragrance experience.

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The combination of citrus and floral notes in 360 Pink creates a lively and uplifting fragrance that’s both feminine and youthful. The vanilla and musk in the base add a warm and sensual touch, giving the scent depth and longevity. Overall, 360 Pink by Perry Ellis is a vibrant and flirtatious fragrance that leaves a lasting impression.

What Does 360 Pink Perry Ellis Smell Like?

The citrusy top notes of 360 Pink by Perry Ellis give a burst of energy and freshness, instantly uplifting your mood and reviving your senses. The combination of citrus and tangerine creates a zesty and invigorating opening that’s sure to make a statement. These vibrant notes are perfect for the warm spring and summer months when you want a fragrance that’s light and refreshing.

As the fragrance settles on your skin, the floral heart notes of lily and rose emerge, bringing a touch of femininity and elegance to the composition. The combination of these two floral notes creates a bouquet-like scent that’s both beautiful and alluring.

In the base of 360 Pink, the warm and comforting notes of vanilla and musk shine through. The vanilla adds a creamy and sweet undertone, while the musk adds a sensuous and smooth quality. Together, these notes create a solid foundation for the fragrance, enhancing it’s longevity and adding depth to the overall composition.

Overall, 360 Pink by Perry Ellis is a delightful scent that’s perfect for those who enjoy a citrusy floral fragrance. This versatile perfume can be worn during the day or evening and is suitable for any occasion. The playful combination of citrus, florals, and warm base notes creates a scent that’s youthful, feminine, and captivating. If youre looking for a fragrance that will make you feel confident and vibrant, 360 Pink is definitely worth a try.

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Perry Ellis 360 Black enraptures the senses with it’s captivating notes, exuding an air of intrigue and elegance. This enchanting oriental fragrance delicately balances warm spices, enticing tobacco, and rich exotic woods, creating a magnetic allure that lingers throughout the day. Prepare to embark on a thrilling olfactory journey like no other with Perry Ellis 360 Black.

What Does 360 Black Perry Ellis Smell Like?

Perry Ellis 360 Black is a fragrance that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. With it’s blend of spices, tobacco, and exotic woods, this oriental fragrance exudes a sense of mystery and intrigue. From the moment you spray it on, youll be enveloped in a cloud of rich, aromatic notes that transport you to a world of sophistication and allure.

The opening notes of Perry Ellis 360 Black are a burst of spicy goodness. The combination of black pepper and cardamom adds a fiery kick that instantly grabs your attention. As the fragrance settles, the heart notes of nutmeg and cloves emerge, adding depth and warmth to the composition. These spices create a sense of sensuality and allure, making this scent perfect for evening wear.

Here, youll find a harmonious blend of tobacco, leather, and exotic woods. The tobacco adds a smoky and slightly sweet element to the fragrance, while the leather adds a touch of rugged masculinity. The exotic woods give the scent a smooth and sophisticated finish, ensuring that it lingers on your skin for hours on end.

How Does the Spice Blend in Perry Ellis 360 Black Contribute to It’s Overall Scent?

  • The spice blend in Perry Ellis 360 Black adds a subtle and intriguing element to it’s overall scent.
  • With notes of cardamom and nutmeg, the blend creates a warm and aromatic base.
  • These spices enhance the richness and depth of the fragrance, giving it a sophisticated and sensual quality.
  • The spice blend also complements the other ingredients, such as bergamot and lavender, creating a harmonious and well-balanced scent.
  • Overall, the spice blend in Perry Ellis 360 Black plays a crucial role in defining it’s unique and captivating fragrance.

There are a variety of scents that are associated with the color purple. Some popular purple fragrances include black raspberry and vanilla, lavender flowers, lilac, vanilla lavender, french lavender, lavender luxury, jasmine, and lavender sage. These scents offer a range of floral and sweet notes that are sure to please any purple scent lover.

What Scents Are Purple?

Purple is a color that’s often associated with luxury, royalty, and creativity. When it comes to fragrances, there are various scents that can be described as “purple” in their essence. These scents typically evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance, and they often contain floral or fruity notes.

One popular purple fragrance is Black Raspberry & Vanilla. This scent combines the sweet and tangy aroma of black raspberries with the warm and creamy essence of vanilla. It’s a deliciously sweet and fruity fragrance that’s perfect for those who love a touch of luxury.

Lavender is a classic floral scent that’s known for it’s calming and relaxing properties.

Lilac is another beautiful purple fragrance that’s reminiscent of blooming flowers in a spring garden. The Lilac fragrance oil captures the scent of fresh lilac blooms, with it’s sweet, floral, and slightly powdery notes.

NG Vanilla Lavender Type is a unique purple fragrance that combines the sensual and comforting scent of vanilla with the calming aroma of lavender. This fragrance oil is a perfect blend of sweetness and tranquility, making it an ideal choice for those who want a purple scent that’s both soothing and alluring.

French Lavender is another purple fragrance that’s highly esteemed for it’s sophisticated and lavish aroma. This fragrance oil captures the essence of French lavender with it’s rich and elegant scent. It’s a timeless fragrance that exudes class and refinement.

Lavender Sage is a purple fragrance that combines the calming and serene scent of lavender with the earthy and herbal essence of sage.

Violet: Violet Is Another Classic Purple Fragrance That Is Often Associated With Elegance and Femininity. This Floral Scent Is Delicate and Romantic, With Sweet and Powdery Notes.

Violet is a classic purple fragrance that exudes elegance and femininity. It’s delicate and romantic floral scent carries sweet and powdery notes, creating a captivating and alluring aroma.

Violet flowers, with their delicate and romantic scent, have long been admired for their powdery aura. A key component of this enchanting fragrance comes from ionones, aroma compounds found in essential oils such as rose oil. These ionones, derived from carotenoids, play a vital role in perfumery and contribute to the soft, sweet, and woody floral notes present in the perfumer’s palette.

What Is a Violet Scent?

The scent of violets is one of delicate beauty and romance. Violet flowers emit a soft, tender aura, similar to the fragrance of iris. This exquisite aroma is often described as powdery and romantic, evoking a sense of nostalgia and elegance.

A key component of violet scent is the presence of aroma compounds called ionones. These compounds are found in various essential oils, including rose oil. In fact, β-Ionone, a specific type of ionone, contributes significantly to the aroma of roses, despite being present in relatively low concentrations. This makes it a crucial fragrance chemical in perfumery.

Ionones are derived from the degradation of carotenoids, and they play a central role in a perfumers palette. They offer a wide range of scent possibilities, from a fragrance reminiscent of violet blossoms, with it’s soft, sweet, candy-like notes, to a more woody floral tonality. This versatility allows perfumers to create fragrances that capture the essence of violets in various ways.

It can evoke memories of blooming gardens and cherished moments. Fragrances that incorporate violet notes often have a sense of sophistication and timelessness.

The History and Cultural Significance of Violets in Perfumery

Violets have a long and rich history in the world of perfumery. Throughout the ages, they’ve been celebrated for their delicate aroma and unique charm. In ancient Greece, violets were associated with love and fertility, and they were often used to create fragrances for wedding ceremonies.

In the Victorian era, violets became a symbol of modesty and humility. They were highly sought after for their captivating scent, which was considered both sophisticated and romantic. Queen Victoria herself was known to adore violet perfumes, and she popularized their use among the upper class.

Today, violets continue to be a popular ingredient in perfumes. Their sweet and powdery scent adds a touch of elegance to many fragrances, and they’re often blended with other floral notes such as rose or jasmine to create a harmonious and exquisite bouquet. Whether used as a top note or a base note, violets bring a touch of nostalgia and timeless beauty to any fragrance composition.


These delicate floral notes intertwine with a base of warm amber, sensual musk, creamy vanilla and precious woods to create a captivating and alluring scent that lingers throughout the day. The combination of fruity and floral elements in 360 Purple creates a unique and intoxicating aroma that’s both sweet and sophisticated. Whether you're headed to a casual outing or a special event, this fragrance is sure to leave a lasting impression. The balanced blend of fruity, floral, and musky notes make 360 Purple an ideal choice for any occasion. Step into a world of enchantment and elegance with this mesmerizing scent from Perry Ellis. Experience the allure of 360 Purple and let it’s captivating fragrance transport you to a realm of beauty and sensuality.

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