Goodbye to Lady Dior Zipper: Discontinued and No Longer Available

The Lady Dior Zipper, a sought-after item among fashion enthusiasts, has now unfortunately been discontinued. This means that the iconic product is no longer being produced or offered by Dior, the luxury fashion house. The discontinuation of the Lady Dior Zipper has certainly left many devoted Dior patrons and fans saddened. The distinctive product had marked its presence with its unique design, which combined elegance with functionality. Now, individuals in search of this item might have to resort to second-hand or vintage outlets, as it will no longer be available in official Dior stores or on their website. The decision to discontinue it signifies a farewell to an admired fashion product.

Does Lady Dior Have Zipper?

The zipper is typically located at the top of the bag and is designed to provide secure closure and easy access to the interior of the bag. Lady Dior bags are some of the most sought-after luxury handbags available today, and they’re known for their impeccable quality and attention to detail.

The Lady Dior bag has been a favorite of celebrities and fashionistas around the world for many years, and it’s easy to see why. The bag features a classic design that’s both elegant and timeless, and it’s crafted from the finest materials available. The bags signature Cannage stitching gives it a distinctive look that’s instantly recognizable, and the iconic Dior charms add a touch of luxury and sophistication that can only come from a haute couture brand like Dior.

So if you’re considering investing in a Lady Dior bag, rest assured that you’re making a wise and stylish choice that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

How to Authenticate a Lady Dior Bag

  • Check the stitching on the handle and strap of the bag. It should be consistent and clean.
  • Inspect the hardware, including the zippers, clasps, and locks. The logo and the word “Dior” should be engraved or embossed on them.
  • Look for the authenticity card and serial number. It should be located inside the bag and match the one on the dust bag that came with it.
  • Examine the lining of the bag. It should be made of high-quality fabric and have the Christian Dior logo pattern.
  • Verify the leather quality. It should be smooth, supple, and have a glossy finish.
  • Research the seller and their reputation, especially if you’re purchasing a pre-owned Lady Dior bag.

The Dior saddle bag was a cultural icon of the late 90s, yet everything must eventually come to an end. In 2000, Christian Dior discontinued their legendary off-shoulder Saddle Bag, leaving fashion enthusiasts scrambling to grab one before they were gone forever. However, the legacy of this iconic handbag continues to influence the fashion industry today.

When Was Dior Saddle Discontinued?

The Dior Saddle Bag was created in 1999 by John Galliano, then creative director of the fashion house, and became an instant hit. It’s unique shape, inspired by horse riding saddles, became a status symbol among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. It’s popularity even inspired counterfeit versions of the bag to flood the market.

However, after a few years of dominating the fashion scene, the Saddle Bag lost it’s popularity and sales began to decline. Christian Dior decided to discontinue the bag in 2000, much to the disappointment of devoted fans of the design. Some suggests that the company decision to discontinue the bag was due to low sales numbers, while others believe that it was simply a strategic move to prevent the bag from becoming oversaturated and losing it’s exclusivity.

In 2009, Dior re-released the Saddle Bag in limited quantities, and it was reintroduced as a permanent item in 20This time, Dior enlisted the help of young influencers to bring the bag back into mainstream fashion. Celebrities like BeyoncĂ©, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid were seen sporting the updated version of the bag, reigniting it’s popularity all over again.

In addition to the original design, Dior has now introduced new variations of the Saddle Bag, including a mini version, a phone holder, and even a belt bag. The Saddle Bag has become a staple item in Diors accessory line, and it’s unique shape and design have become synonymous with the brand.

The Resurgence of the Dior Saddle Bag in Recent Years and How It Has Been Updated for Modern Fashion Trends.

The Dior Saddle Bag has made a comeback in the fashion world, despite being over a decade old. It’s been updated to incorporate current fashion trends and remains a popular accessory among fashion enthusiasts.

Aside from releasing the iconic Lady Dior bag in various sizes and colors, the French luxury brand also added a mini version to it’s collection in 2015. But that’s not all, in 2016, Dior unveiled a detachable embellished strap that could be bought separately and added to the Lady Dior bag, allowing for even more customization options. Let’s take a closer look at this beloved handbag and it’s accessories.

When Did the Mini Lady Dior Come Out?

The Lady Dior handbag is an iconic luxury piece that’s been around since the early 90s. Originally presented to the late Princess Diana as a gift, it quickly became a symbol of sophistication and class in the fashion industry. Over the years, the bag has undergone various design changes and updates, constantly evolving to fit the modern aesthetic while still retaining it’s original charm.

In 2015, Dior introduced a new addition to the Lady Dior family – the Mini Lady Dior. A smaller version of the original, the Mini Lady Dior is the perfect size for those looking for a more compact bag that can still hold all the essentials. Despite it’s smaller size, the Mini Lady Dior still boasts the same intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail that the larger versions are known for.

In 2016, Dior launched another exciting update to the Lady Dior line – a detachable embellished strap. The strap features intricate beadwork and other embellishments, adding a touch of glamour to an already stunning bag. The detachable design means that the strap can be easily removed and replaced with a different one if desired, giving customers even more options when it comes to styling their Lady Dior.

Source: Lady Dior

Now that we know Lady Dior bags haven’t been made in France for over three decades, the next question that may arise is where are they actually manufactured? Interestingly, the majority of Lady Dior bags are produced in Italy while some are made in Spain. Let’s delve deeper into the details of their production in these countries.

Where Are Lady Dior Bags Made?

Lady Dior bags are a highly sought-after item in the fashion industry. These luxury bags have become synonymous with elegance and class, and it’s important for a discerning buyer to know where they come from. So where are Lady Dior bags made? The answer may come as a surprise to some.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Dior bags haven’t been made in France since before 1990. This may come as a shock to those who associate the French fashion house with French craftsmanship – after all, France is renowned for it’s luxury goods. However, due to rising production costs, Dior made the decision to move it’s bag production to other European countries.

Since the Lady Dior was not created until four years later, in 1994, it’s heat stamp should never say “Made in France.”. Italian artisans are highly skilled in the art of leatherwork, and their craftsmanship is evident in the attention to detail seen in every Lady Dior bag.

In addition to Italy, some Lady Dior bags are also produced in Spain. Spanish artisans are also renowned for their leatherwork skills, making it a logical choice for Dior to set up manufacturing facilities there. Both countries have been strongholds of the fashion industry for decades, with many luxury brands choosing to produce their goods there.

History of Lady Dior Bags: How and When Were They Created?

  • The Lady Dior bag was created in 1995
  • It was initially named “Chouchou” and was created as a gift for Princess Diana
  • The bag’s design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and features the cannage pattern
  • Since then, the Lady Dior has been reimagined in various materials and sizes
  • Celebrities such as Marion Cotillard and Natalie Portman have been ambassadors for the Lady Dior
  • In 2018, the Lady Dior was featured in the exhibition “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London


It’s innovative design and luxurious craftsmanship have captured the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. The reasons behind it’s discontinuation are unclear, but it’s evident that the fashion industry is constantly evolving, making way for new designs and trends. Nevertheless, the Lady Dior Zipper will always remain a timeless classic, representing a chapter in fashion history that will never be forgotten. It’s legacy continues to inspire future generations of designers and fashion lovers, reminding us of the power of creativity and innovation in the world of fashion.

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