Encre Noire Layering: Elevate Your Fragrance Game With This Simple Technique

Encre Noire layering is a simple technique of mixing Encre Noire, a famous fragrance by Lalique, with other perfumes to enhance and elaborate personal scent. This can be achieved by applying a base layer of Encre Noire and then adding another perfume on top. The unique woody and musky notes of the Encre Noire can be heightened with florals, fruits, spices or other fragrances according to individual preferences. The aim is to create a bespoke, more complex fragrance and continue to enjoy the original scent. However, the choice is personal, and depends on the individual’s taste, the weather, mood or even the particular occasion.

Is Encre Noire Male or Female?

Encre Noire, which translates to “black ink” in English, has a masculine aura to it, with it’s deep and intense woody scent that exudes the essence of masculinity. The fragrance was created by Nathalie Lorson, a renowned perfumer known for her versatile creations that capture the essence of lifes many facets, including beauty, sensuality, and masculinity.

The fragrance is inspired by the charm and allure of the woods, with it’s captivating notes of cypress, vetiver, and musk that transport you to a world of mystery and intrigue. The scent is a testament to the power and strength of masculinity, with it’s bold and confident aroma that oozes sophistication and style.

The fragrance is housed in a striking black crystal block that symbolizes strength and masculinity, with it’s sharp lines and bold design that capture the essence of Encre Noire. The packaging perfectly complements the fragrance, with it’s sleek and modern design that exudes sophistication and style.

The History of Encre Noire and It’s Creation by Nathalie Lorson.

Encre Noire is a fragrance that was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson. It’s a rich history and has become very popular over the years. Nathalie Lorson is a skilled perfumer who’s created many other fragrances as well.

Now that we’ve explored the unique scent notes of Lalique Encre Noir, and established that it’s classified as a fragrance for men, let’s delve deeper into why it’s earned a reputation as a versatile, unisex perfume.

Is Lalique Encre Noire Unisex?

Lalique Encre Noire has been a popular fragrance choice among perfumery enthusiasts ever since it was first introduced in 200One question that often arises when discussing this fragrance is whether or not it’s unisex. While Lalique markets Encre Noire as a mens fragrance, the truth is that it’s completely unisex. This fragrance is well known for it’s versatile appeal, making it an excellent choice for both males and females alike.

The secret to Encre Noires unisex appeal lies in it’s earthy and woody notes. With notes of Bourbon vetiver, Haitian vetiver, licorice, grapefruit scented roots of Iranian grass, cypress, Cashmerean wood and musk, this fragrance embodies the raw, natural essence of the forests, mountains and untouched nature. These notes are universal and appeal to both men and women in equal measure. So whether youre a man or a woman, you can confidently wear Encre Noire without fear of it being too masculine or too feminine.

Another reason why Encre Noire is so popular among men and women is because of it’s longevity and sillage. This fragrance has a long-lasting scent that stays on the skin for hours, making it ideal for morning-to-evening wear. The sillage is also impressive, meaning that this fragrance will fill the room with it’s all-encompassing, earthy scent.

Comparing Lalique Encre Noire to Other Unisex Fragrances.

  • Lalique Encre Noire
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • Byredo Super Cedar
  • Le Labo Santal 33
  • Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Source: Lalique Encre Noir Eau de Toilette (Unisex version)


By combining different variations of encre noire, wearers can create a distinctive and personalized aroma that’s both refined and versatile.

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