Does Sweet Like Candy Last Long? Exploring the Longevity of Your Favorite Treats

Sweet Like Candy, an elegant perfume by Ariana Grande, has moderate longevity. It typically lasts between three to six hours depending on various factors like skin type, environmental conditions, and the number applied. This delightful fragrance is known for its sugary, fruity notes that may need to be reapplied to last through an entire day or night. It’s always advisable to test the perfume on your skin as individuals may experience different results due to personal chemistry.

What Is in Sweet Like Candy?

Sweet Like Candy is a fragrance that embodies the very essence of femininity, from it’s delicate floral notes to it’s indulgent gourmand accords. The scent is anchored by sweet and juicy blackberry and pear, which combine to create a playful and inviting top note. This fruity opening is balanced by the subtle bitterness of bergamot, which adds depth and complexity to the fragrance.

As the scent evolves, it unfurls in a flurry of rich and sumptuous flavors. The heart of the fragrance shines with a luscious whipped cream and marshmallow accord, which is softened by the gentle sweetness of black currant and frangipani. Jasmine and honeysuckle lend a delicate floral note to the scent that’s both sensual and seductive.

The base notes of Sweet Like Candy are what truly make this fragrance stand out. Here, the delicious and creamy sweetness of vanilla blends seamlessly with the warm and comforting smell of cashmere wood. This combination creates a lasting impression that’s both sophisticated and playful, rendering this fragrance a perfect choice for women of all ages and personalities.

Overall, Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande is a delightful and easy-to-wear fragrance that’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s playful and sweet nature makes it an excellent addition to any fragrance collection, regardless of personal taste or preference. The fragrance evokes images of sunny days, laughter, and happiness, making it the perfect scent to wear when you want to feel confident, charming, and irresistible.

The Target Audience of Sweet Like Candy and It’s Appeal to Different Age Groups

Sweet Like Candy is a fragrance that appeals to different age groups. While the scent can be enjoyed by anyone, it’s particularly appealing to younger demographics due to it’s sweet and playful notes. However, the fragrance has also gained popularity among older age groups who appreciate it’s sugary and nostalgic aura.

Now that we know what “Sweet Like Candy” smells like, let’s explore why this scent is so popular and the impact it’s on our sense of smell.

What Does Ari Smell Like Sweet Like Candy?

Ariana Grande, the multi-talented American singer, songwriter and actress, has been capturing the attention of millions of people around the world, not only with her beautiful voice but also with her unique sense of style and persona. One of her most signature features is her sweet and alluring scent, which she’s named “Sweet Like Candy”. This fragrance is now popularly recognized as the perfect embodiment of her personality and style.

The scent of Sweet Like Candy is a mix of berries, candies and vanilla. It’s a composition that brings to mind a whimsical, candy-coated world full of cheerful colors and sweetness. The fragrance opens with the bright and vibrant note of sugar-frosted blackberries, followed by the fresh, citrusy scent of Italian bergamot. The top notes create a delightful sense of energy and effervescence, setting the tone for the rest of the fragrance.

As the scent settles on the skin, the heart of the fragrance emerges, revealing the creaminess of cassis and the softness of marshmallow. The cassis cream accord brings a sense of sophistication to the scent, while the marshmallow accord contributes a playful and cozy touch. These two notes blend together brilliantly, creating a unique and compelling contrast that makes the fragrance so intriguing.

The base notes of the fragrance are vanilla and precious woods. Vanilla adds a luxurious element to the scent, while the woods provide an earthy and grounding effect. Together, they create a balanced and well-rounded fragrance that truly captures the essence of what it means to be sweet, yet sophisticated.

How Fragrance Scents Can Reflect One’s Personality and Style

  • A person who prefers floral fragrances may be seen as feminine and graceful
  • Woody scents might suggest a more grounded and outdoorsy personality
  • Those who prefer spicy or oriental scents might convey a more exotic and adventurous side
  • Citrus scents may suggest a more energetic and lively personality
  • People who choose aquatic scents may be seen as calm and collected

Source: Does Ari by Ariana Grande or Sweet Like Candy perfume …

Now that we’ve compared the fragrances of Sweet Like Candy and Ari, it’s important to note that there are several other factors that differentiate these two scents. From the differences in ingredients and longevity to the occasions and seasons they’re best suited for, let’s take a closer look at the unique characteristics of each fragrance.

What Is the Difference Between Sweet Like Candy and Ari?

When it comes to choosing between Sweet like candy and Ari, it all boils down to personal preference. Both fragrances are uniquely different and have their own distinct characteristics that appeal to different people. Sweet like candy is a fragrance that’s designed to evoke a playful and youthful vibe. As the name suggests, it smells sweet and candy-like with fruity notes that linger on the skin.

On the other hand, Ari is a fragrance that’s more sophisticated and luxurious. It’s warm floral notes that are mixed with the unique scent of black liquorice, creating a sensual and intoxicating fragrance. The combination of these two scents results in a fragrance that’s both bold and distinctive.

One of the main differences between Sweet like candy and Ari lies in their composition.

A Breakdown of the Specific Notes in Each Fragrance

  • Top notes are the initial scents that are perceived upon first spray of the fragrance.
  • Heart notes are the dominant scents that emerge after the top notes evaporate.
  • Base notes are the foundation scents that linger the longest and provide a lasting impression of the fragrance.
  • Fruity notes can include scents such as citrus, berry, and tropical fruit.
  • Floral notes can include scents such as rose, jasmine, and lavender.
  • Woody notes can include scents such as sandalwood, cedar, and oakmoss.
  • Spicy notes can include scents such as cinnamon, pepper, and nutmeg.
  • Herbal notes can include scents such as basil, thyme, and sage.
  • Aromatic notes can include scents such as lavender, sage, and rosemary.
  • Aquatic notes can include scents such as sea salt, ocean breeze, and water lily.


In conclusion, the longevity of sweet and fruity scents like candy may vary from person to person and based on external factors such as humidity and temperature. Despite the fleeting nature of the fragrance, the appeal of sweet scents can’t be denied, and those who enjoy these fragrances can still enjoy them for the time they last. Moreover, with affordable options like the perfume mentioned above, anyone can indulge in the sweetness without breaking the bank.

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