Does Baccarat Have Body Mist?

Baccarat, more specifically known as Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, is a luxury brand known for its sumptuous fragrances. However, it currently does not offer a body mist in its product line. The brand primarily focuses on producing perfumes and scented candles, along with an extended collection that includes body oils and body creams. Therefore, if you are looking for a lighter, more diluted version of Baccarat Rouge 540’s signature scent, you may not find it in a body mist form.

What Bath and Body Works Scent Smells Like Baccarat Rouge 540?

Bath and Body Works In The Stars Fine Fragrance Mist is a fantastic alternative to the luxury fragrance Baccarat Rouge 540. If youre on a budget, this is the perfect dupe for you. Not only is the price incredibly affordable, but you also get a generous 240 ml bottle that will last you a long time.

The scent of In The Stars is remarkably similar to that of Baccarat Rouge 540, making it difficult to differentiate between the two. The captivating and mesmerizing notes in both fragrances are reminiscent of each other, creating a beautiful and high-end aroma that you can enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

This combination perfectly mirrors the luxurious and intoxicating scent profile of Baccarat Rouge 540. Youll be able to indulge in the elegance and sophistication of this renowned fragrance without breaking the bank.

Other Affordable Dupe Options for Baccarat Rouge 540

  • Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man
  • Alexandria Fragrances – Black Tie Affair
  • Dua Fragrances – Poseidon’s Elixir
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Aqua Universalis Forte
  • Lattafa Perfumes – Raghba Wood Intense
  • Alexandria Fragrances – Black Caviar
  • Zara – Rich Warm Addictive
  • Nabeel – Arab Tradition
  • Lattafa Perfumes – Ana Abiyedh
  • Al Haramain Perfumes – L’Aventure Knight

The search for a body spray that smells like Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540 may lead you to Mancera’s Instant Crush Eau de Parfum. Many claim that this fragrance is a worthy alternative, as it performs and projects just like Baccarat Rouge 540. With warm and sweet notes, it captures the essence of Baccarat Rouge, starting with a cedarwood aroma and hints of saffron’s spiciness. It then develops into a sweet and gourmand scent, thanks to the syrupy ambergris twist.

What Body Spray Smells Like Baccarat Rouge 540?

If you’re looking for a body spray that smells like Baccarat Rouge 540, one option to consider is Mancera Instant Crush Eau de Parfum. This fragrance is known for it’s performance and projection, just like Baccarat Rouge 540. Instant Crush opens with a warm and sweet scent, making it a perfect alternative to the famous Baccarat Rouge.

When you spray Instant Crush, you’ll immediately notice a freshly-cut cedarwood aroma, accompanied by hints of saffron, providing a subtle spiciness. As the fragrance develops, it reveals a sweet sensibility, almost resembling a gourmand scent, thanks to the presence of syrupy ambergris. This combination of notes creates a full-bodied profile that’s reminiscent of Baccarat Rouge 540.

Source: 10 Perfumes Similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 – Byrdie

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the sweetness of Ariana Cloud diminishes over time, leaving behind a striking similarity to the scent of Baccarat Rouge 540.

Does Baccarat Rouge 540 Smell Like Ariana Cloud?

Baccarat Rouge 540 and Ariana Cloud may share some similarities in scent, but they aren’t identical. The initial observation that Cloud smells intensely sweet, albeit not expensive, is valid. The opening notes of Cloud do exude a sugary and youthful vibe, which might remind some of Baccarat Rouge 540s initial impression. However, as the fragrance settles on the skin, the two diverge.

Baccarat Rouge 540, known for it’s exquisite craftsmanship, evolves into a more complex and sophisticated scent as it dries down. It’s layers gradually reveal the interplay of floral, woody, and amber undertones, creating a mesmerizing olfactory symphony. This harmonic blend sets Baccarat Rouge 540 apart from Cloud and gives it a distinctive allure.

A Comparison of the Opening Notes of Baccarat Rouge 540 and Ariana Cloud

When comparing the opening notes of Baccarat Rouge 540 and Ariana Cloud, it’s important to note that both fragrances offer unique experiences. Baccarat Rouge 540 boasts a warm and luxurious scent with it’s blend of jasmine, saffron, and cedarwood. On the other hand, Ariana Cloud features a more sweet and playful aroma, combining lavender, pear, and praline. While Baccarat Rouge 540 leans towards a sophisticated and elegant vibe, Ariana Cloud exudes a youthful and girly charm. So, whether you prefer a refined or a whimsical fragrance, both Baccarat Rouge 540 and Ariana Cloud are worth exploring!


While Baccarat is widely recognized as a prestigious brand known for it’s exquisite crystal creations, the absence of credible information or evidence regarding a body mist product suggests that it may not be a part of their offerings. It's important to approach information circulating online with caution and verify claims from reliable sources.

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