Discover the Sweet and Seductive Aroma of Eden Perfume’s Lost Cherry

Eden Perfume’s Lost Cherry boasts a sweet and seductive aroma that stands out in the world of fragrances. Characterized by its tantalizing scent, this perfume is a captivating blend of ripe cherry accords aimed at appealing to both men and women. The inviting fragrance profile is exquisitely layered with rich undertones, that cleverly balance the sweetness, ensuring a luxurious and enticing scent that leaves a lasting impression. Its unique composition makes it versatile for any occasion making the wearer feel confident and irresistible. It’s an olfactory experience that brings together lush fruitiness and subtle sensuality, providing a delightfully seductive experience.

What Can I Use Instead of Tom Ford Lost Cherry?

Tom Ford Lost Cherry is a popular fragrance that many people swear by. However, given it’s price point, not everyone can afford to purchase it. Additionally, Lost Cherry has been known to sell out quickly, leaving many people searching for alternatives.

Fructus Virginis by Alexandria Fragrances is a great alternative to Lost Cherry. It contains notes of cherry, vanilla, and almond that create a sweet and fruity scent. The best part is that it’s much more affordable than Lost Cherry, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Another fragrance that’s similar to Lost Cherry is Cherry Smoothie by Zara. It’s also affordable, making it a great alternative for those who want a cherry-centric fragrance without the high price tag.

The fragrance is also long-lasting, making it perfect for those who want a scent that will last throughout the day.

This fragrance is perfect for those who want a cherry scent that’s slightly more mature and sophisticated than other alternatives.

Ambery Cherry by Dossier is a great option for those who want a fragrance that’s inspired by Lost Cherry but not an exact copy. It contains notes of cherry, amber, and musk, creating a warm and slightly spicy scent.

Lastly, for those who want a travel-friendly option, microperfumes are a great way to experience a variety of different fragrances without breaking the bank. Several brands offer cherry-inspired scents, which can be a great way to find your favorite cherry fragrance without committing to a full-sized bottle. Overall, there are several alternatives to Tom Fords Lost Cherry that are just as sweet and delicious, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the iconic cherry scent.

Other Affordable Cherry-Centered Fragrances From Brands Like Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Pink Sugar

Here are some more options for cherry-scented fragrances that won’t break the bank and are available from popular brands, including Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Pink Sugar.

Now that we’ve established just how amazing Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume is, let’s explore some of it’s unique notes and characteristics that make it the perfect sweet cherry scent.

Is Tom Ford Lost Cherry Sweet?

Tom Fords Lost Cherry perfume is a masterpiece when it comes to sweet cherry scents. It boasts an exceptional juicy, fruity aroma that’s simply irresistible. The moment you spritz it on, you’re carried away into a world of deliciousness, as it rekindles memories of indulging in cherries on a warm summer day. The sweetness of the scent is nothing short of perfection, not too sugary nor too sour, but just right.

It’s longevity depends on various factors, such as the application method, the individuals skin chemistry and the ambient temperature. However, users can expect it to last roughly 6-8 hours, making it ideal for long days or even night events. Regardless of the longevity, the scent remains powerful and inviting, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who comes across it.

The carefully selected notes perfectly blend to create a sweet cherry fragrance that’s impossible to resist. The top notes of cherry liqueur, bitter almond, and dark rum make this perfume an excellent choice for those who love a sweet alcoholic fragrance. The heart note of Turkish rose sweetens the scent and adds some floral notes that enhance the cherry fragrance.

It’s the right blend of notes that make it the ideal perfume for a night out or special occasion. The scent is long-lasting, so you can enjoy it all day long without worrying about reapplying it often. The sweetness of the perfume is alluring and hints at an exquisite taste that’s impossible to resist. If you love sweet fragrance, then the Lost Cherry scent is perfect for you. It’s a luxurious investment worth making.

Comparison of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry With Other Sweet Cherry Scents in the Market

  • Jo Malone London – English Cherry Blossom
  • Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre
  • Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Italian Zest
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Mon Paris
  • Guerlain – La Petite Robe Noire
  • Tom Ford – Lost Cherry
  • Cacharel – Amor Amor
  • Thierry Mugler – Angel
  • Bvlgari – Omnia Crystalline

Source: TOM FORD – Lost Cherry – Sephora

Lost Cherry by Tom Ford is a fragrance that evokes distinct memories and sensations. With it’s sweet, syrupy scent reminiscent of cherry desserts, it can transport you back to your childhood indulgences or trigger fond memories of family gatherings. However, some people may associate it’s aroma with cough syrup, raising questions about it’s appeal and authenticity. Regardless, the fragrance is making waves in the fragrance industry and is worth exploring further.

Does Lost Cherry Smell Like Cough Syrup?

The answer to the question of whether Lost Cherry smells like cough syrup is a bit nuanced. While the fragrance does have a strong cherry scent, it isn’t necessarily similar to cough syrup in terms of it’s overall aroma. To some individuals, it may have a slightly medicinal undertone, but this is likely due to the intensity of the cherry notes rather than any actual similarities to cough syrup.

Lost Cherry is one of the first food-inspired fragrances from the brand, and it’s designed to capture the essence of a syrupy, drippy dessert. The fragrance is unabashedly sweet and fruity, with rich, ripe notes of cherry dominating the scent profile. It’s a fragrance that’s sure to conjure up images of decadent desserts and indulgent evenings spent savoring rich sweets.

While it may not be for everyone (especially those who prefer more subtle scents), it’s bold cherry notes and complex fragrance profile make it a standout in the fragrance world.

Some individuals may pick up on a slight medicinal undertone, while others may simply be transported to memories of cherry-flavored treats. Regardless of how you interpret the fragrance, there’s no denying that it’s a bold and assertive scent that’s sure to leave an impression.


It’s a testament to the artistry and creativity of perfumers who can take inspiration from nature and transform it into a sensory experience. The fact that this fragrance is vegan and cruelty-free adds to it’s appeal, as it reflects a growing trend towards ethical and sustainable products in the beauty industry. Eden Perfumes' commitment to using natural and organic ingredients also shows their respect for both the environment and their customers.

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