Discover the Origins: Where Are Crazy Strong Candles Made?

Discover the Origins: Where Are Crazy Strong Candles Made? When it comes to finding the perfect candle that not only brings warmth to your space but also fills it with an intoxicating aroma, Crazy Strong candles have become a popular choice for many. Look no further, as we unveil the origins of these incredible creations. Handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail, Crazy Strong candles are proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality and supporting local artisans. Crazy Strong takes pride in their use of only the finest natural fragrance and essential oils in their products. Each carefully crafted fragrance is custom-designed by talented perfumers, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable scent experience. So the next time you light a Crazy Strong candle, you can be confident in knowing that not only are you supporting local makers, but you’re also enveloping your space with the highest quality fragrances that nature has to offer.

Is Magic Candle Company Safe?

The safety of Magic Candle Company is of utmost importance. Rest assured, they only use top quality, lab tested suppliers based in the United States. This ensures that the materials used in their candle-making process meet the highest safety standards. In fact, their wax has undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure it’s safety. Such stringent testing is necessary for Magic Candle Company to manufacture scented wax products for renowned establishments like Universal Studios Parks and Resorts and Hersheypark.

By working exclusively with lab tested suppliers, they can ensure that every ingredient used in their candles is safe for home use. This includes fragrance oils, wicks, and other components essential for their candle-making process.

Their relationship with Universal Studios Parks and Resorts and Hersheypark is a testament to their dedication to safety. These reputable establishments require their vendors to adhere to strict safety guidelines, and Magic Candle Company has proven it’s ability to meet these requirements with it’s lab-tested products.

As a result, customers can have peace of mind when using Magic Candle Companys candles. Whether youre enjoying the cozy ambience they create or indulging in the delightful fragrances, you can be confident that these candles have undergone thorough inspections to ensure they’re safe for use in your home.

Keith and Stephanie Mahne, the passionate founders of Magic Candle Company, dedicated themselves to delving into the intricate world of candles. Their journey started with thorough research in all aspects of candle-making, including the selection of wicks, waxes, and various techniques. Fueled by their unwavering curiosity and love for candles, they eventually embarked on creating their own successful home-based candle factory in Celebration.

Who Owns Magic Candle Company?

Keith and Stephanie Mahne, the proud owners of Magic Candle Company, have a passion for all things candles. They’ve dedicated their time to researching every aspect of candle-making, from the intricate process of creating a candle to the various types of wicks and wax available. Their dedication and love for candles have led them on a journey to discover the origins of these crazy strong candles they produce.

With their expertise in hand, Keith and Stephanie embarked on the adventure of creating their own home-based candle factory in Celebration. They carefully designed the space to be a sanctuary where creativity and craftsmanship could thrive. Every element of the candle-making process is meticulously controlled, ensuring that each candle is of the utmost quality.

The Magic Candle Company takes pride in sourcing the finest ingredients for their candles. They’ve formed partnerships with local suppliers who provide them with the highest quality waxes, fragrances, and wicks. The attention to detail that they bring to their selection of materials is reflected in the final product – candles that aren’t only crazy strong but also beautifully crafted.

In their candle-making process, Keith and Stephanie emphasize the importance of hand-pouring each candle. This meticulous technique ensures that every candle is unique and that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout. With their years of experience and expertise, they’ve perfected the art of creating candles that provide an amazing scent throw and a long-lasting burn time.

Their dedication to their craft, attention to detail, and love for candles shine through in each and every product they create. Magic Candle Company isn’t just a candle-making business; it’s a labor of love that brings joy and enchantment into the lives of candle enthusiasts worldwide.

At Magic Candle Company, we take pride in delivering our enchanting scents to customers near and far. Our operations are based in the mesmerizing city of Orlando, Florida, where our magical candle factory resides. From this captivating location, we’re able to ship our products to any destination within the United States. Moreover, we extend our services beyond the borders, offering international shipping options to select countries including Canada and the United Kingdom.

Where Does Magic Candle Company Ship From?

Magic Candle Company ships from their magical candle factory located in Orlando, Florida. They pride themselves on creating candles that transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder. From the moment you light their candles, you’re whisked away to your favorite Disney theme park or immersive storybook setting.

Their commitment to quality extends beyond their products to their shipping services. They offer shipping to any location within the USA, ensuring that everyone can experience the magic of their candles. Whether youre in New York City or Los Angeles, you can have the scent of Main Street USA or Adventureland filling your home.

In addition to domestic shipping, Magic Candle Company also offers international shipping to select countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. This means that regardless of where you’re in the world, you can enjoy the captivating aromas of their candles. Whether youre longing for the comforting scent of a classic Disney resort or the mystical ambiance of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, their candles will transport you to the most magical places on Earth.

By crafting their candles in their factory in Orlando, Magic Candle Company ensures that each candle is made with care and attention to detail. Their team of experienced candle makers combine high-quality ingredients to create candles that burn evenly and emit long-lasting fragrances. From the moment you receive your package to the moment you light your candle, you can feel confident that youre experiencing the best in magical candle craftsmanship.

With their commitment to quality and their ability to ship to various locations, they’re a trusted source for immersive and magical candle experiences. Discover the origins of these crazy strong candles and let the enchantment fill your home.

The Process of Creating Magic Candle Company Candles

  • Gather necessary ingredients and supplies
  • Melt wax in a double boiler
  • Add desired fragrance oils and colorants to the melted wax
  • Pour the wax mixture into candle molds or containers
  • Insert candle wicks and allow the wax to cool and solidify
  • Trim the wicks to the desired length
  • Label and package the finished candles

Source: Shipping & returns product page – Magic Candle Company

Soy candles, made from soy wax derived from soybean oil, can be a great alternative for those who want to enjoy a strong scent in a more eco-friendly way. While paraffin wax candles generally provide a stronger scent throw, high quality scented soy candles can still provide a pleasant aroma for those who may be more sensitive to strong smells or who prefer to use sustainable materials.

What Kind of Candles Have the Strongest Scent?

When it comes to candles, scent is a major factor for many people. There’s nothing quite like walking into a room and being greeted by a strong, inviting aroma. If you’re searching for candles with the strongest scent, you may want to consider those made from paraffin wax.

Soy candles, on the other hand, are often preferred by those who’re looking for a more eco-friendly option. Soy wax is a processed form of soybean oil and is considered a renewable resource. It’s a lower melting point than traditional waxes, making it ideal for container candles. However, to achieve a stronger scent with soy candles, certain additives need to be mixed into the wax.

Different Types of Candle Wicks and Their Impact on Scent Throw

  • Cotton wicks: These wicks are commonly used in candles and provide a clean and consistent burn. They’ve good scent throw and are perfect for scented candles.
  • Wooden wicks: Made from natural wood, these wicks create a subtle crackling sound and have a unique aesthetic appeal. They’re known for their excellent scent throw and are especially popular in soy or beeswax candles.
  • Paper wicks: These wicks are made from paper fibers and are often used in smaller, container-based candles. They’ve a decent scent throw but may require a larger diameter for optimal burning.
  • Zinc-core wicks: Designed for larger candles, these wicks have a zinc core to provide stability and prevent the wick from falling over. They’ve a good scent throw and work well with high fragrance loads.
  • Hemp wicks: Popular among eco-conscious candle makers, hemp wicks are made from natural hemp fibers. They’ve a slower burn rate, which enhances the scent throw and ensures a longer-lasting candle.
  • Crackling wicks: These wicks are typically made from a combination of cotton and a special additive that creates a crackling sound reminiscent of a fireplace. They add a cozy ambiance to the candle experience while still offering a good scent throw.

Our passion for capturing the essence of beloved vacation destinations led us to create the Magic Candle Company┬«. We wanted to bring the nostalgic scents of these special places into the homes of our customers, so they can experience that vacation vibe every day. With utmost care and creativity, we strive to develop fragrance products that aren’t only enjoyable but also safe for use.

What Is the Magic Candle Company?

The Magic Candle Company is a brand that aims to bring the vacation experience right into your home. Whether it’s the scent of a tropical beach, a cozy cabin in the woods, or a refreshing spa retreat, they’ve captured all these nostalgic scents and turned them into candles. The Magic Candle Company was created with the goal of allowing people to enjoy these familiar and enjoyable fragrances on a daily basis.

Their process begins with pouring the first candle, but their main objective isn’t just to create any candle, but to create a safe and fun product for their customers. They ensure that every candle they produce is of the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients and carefully crafted fragrances.

From wax melts and room sprays to bath bombs and reed diffusers, there are plenty of options to choose from to fill your home with your favorite scents. They also offer gift sets, allowing you to share the magic of their fragrances with your loved ones.

With their wide range of scents and dedication to quality, they’ve become a trusted brand in the candle industry. Indulge in their products and bring the vacation experience to your own home.


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