Burberry London Discontinued: What Happened and Where to Find It Now

Burberry London, a popular fragrance, has been discontinued. This was a decision made by Burberry, the company that produced the scent. Despite its discontinuation, Burberry London can still be found in some online retailers or discount fragrance stores. However, it’s important to verify the authenticity of the product when buying from these sources since it’s not directly from the manufacturer. Buyers should take caution to ensure they are purchasing the original scent and not a counterfeit product.

Is Burberry London Different From Burberry?

Yes, Burberry London and Burberry are different concepts within the Burberry brand.

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house known for its distinctive check pattern and iconic trench coats. It was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and has since become a globally recognized brand. Burberry offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics.

On the other hand, Burberry London refers specifically to a fragrance line by Burberry. Burberry London for Men and Burberry London for Women are popular fragrances that were introduced by the brand. These fragrances are designed to evoke the essence and atmosphere of the city of London.

While both Burberry and Burberry London are associated with the Burberry brand, they represent different aspects of the brand’s offerings. Burberry encompasses the overall fashion and lifestyle products, while Burberry London is specifically focused on fragrances inspired by the city of London.

Recently, Burberry London surprised everyone by revealing it’s new logo after 20 years. The British luxury fashion house is known for it’s iconic trench coats, leather accessories, and footwear. It’s updated it’s logo for the first time, replacing the softer, rounder font with bold capital letters that read “Burberry London England.” Let’s dive deeper into the changes made by Burberry London and how it affects it’s brand identity.

Did Burberry London Change?

The change in Burberrys logo has caused quite a stir in the fashion world, with many wondering if the brand itself has also undergone a transformation. While the logo may give the impression of a new direction for the company, it seems that at it’s core, Burberry remains committed to it’s roots. The company is still producing high-quality, luxurious clothing and accessories that reflect the quintessentially British aesthetic it’s become known for.

Is Burberry London Male or Female?

Burberry London is available in both male and female versions. There are separate fragrances designed for men and women within the Burberry London line. Burberry London for Men is a fragrance specifically created for men, while Burberry London for Women is designed for women. Each fragrance has its own unique scent profile and is marketed towards its respective target audience.

Burberry London for Women is a popular fragrance from the luxury British fashion brand, Burberry. The fragrance was launched in 2006 and has become a favorite among women worldwide. It features a unique blend of floral and spicy notes that make it an ideal choice for a woman who wants to feel confident, elegant, and sophisticated.

A Comparison of Burberry London With Other Fragrances From the Burberry Brand

Burberry London is just one fragrance within the wide range of fragrances offered by the Burberry brand. Here’s a brief comparison of Burberry London with a few other popular fragrances from Burberry:

Burberry Brit: Burberry Brit is a modern, youthful fragrance known for its fresh, oriental scent. It combines notes of lime, pear, almond, and vanilla, resulting in a blend that is both sweet and spicy. In comparison, Burberry London has a more sophisticated and refined aroma, with woody and musky notes.

Burberry Touch: Burberry Touch is a warm and aromatic fragrance that features notes of violet leaf, mandarin, and white pepper. It has a slightly spicy and powdery scent. Burberry London, on the other hand, has a richer and deeper composition with notes of tobacco, spices, and woods.

Burberry My Burberry: My Burberry is a fragrance that captures the essence of a London garden after the rain. It has a fresh and floral scent with notes of rose, geranium, and freesia. In contrast, Burberry London has a more distinctively masculine or feminine appeal, depending on the version, with a focus on woody, oriental, and aromatic notes.

These are just a few examples of the diverse fragrances offered by Burberry. Each fragrance has its own unique characteristics, and the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific scent profile you are seeking. It’s always a good idea to sample different fragrances to find the one that resonates with you the most.

The History and Evolution of Burberrys’ Brand Identity

  • Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry as an outdoor apparel company.
  • In the late 1800s, Burberry invented gabardine, a durable and breathable fabric that became popular with explorers and the military.
  • In 1901, Burberry opened it’s first London store and began offering it’s signature trench coat.
  • The iconic Burberry check, featuring tan, black, and red stripes, was introduced in the 1920s and became a symbol of British luxury.
  • In the 1990s and early 2000s, Burberry experienced a decline in popularity and struggled with counterfeit products.
  • In 2001, Christopher Bailey was hired as creative director and reinvigorated the brand by incorporating modern elements into Burberry’s classic designs.
  • Burberry has since expanded into new markets such as Asia and has continued to innovate with digital initiatives like it’s runway livestreams and social media campaigns.

Now that we know about the sub-brands of Burberry, let’s dive deeper into each one and see what sets them apart from each other.

How Many Brands Does Burberry Have?

Burberry is primarily known as a single luxury fashion brand. However, within the Burberry brand, there are different lines and collections that cater to various segments of the market. Some of the notable sub-brands and collections under the Burberry umbrella include:

Burberry Prorsum: This was the high-end, runway collection of Burberry, known for its innovative and fashion-forward designs. However, as of 2016, Burberry merged the Prorsum, London, and Brit lines under a single Burberry label.

Burberry London: Previously a separate line, Burberry London represented the more traditional and sophisticated side of the brand, targeting both men and women with its refined designs.

Burberry Brit: This collection had a more youthful and casual aesthetic, offering a range of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and fragrances.

Burberry Beauty: Burberry has its own beauty line, featuring cosmetics, skincare products, and fragrances, all bearing the Burberry brand.

Burberry Kids: This collection focuses on clothing and accessories for children, providing stylish options for the younger demographic.

Overall, Burberry’s brand portfolio offers a diverse range of products that caters to various segments of the market. Each sub-brand has it’s own unique identity that resonates with it’s respective audience. Moreover, the company’s collaborations and limited edition collections bring a sense of freshness and innovation to it’s product line.

For anyone looking to add a touch of British luxury to their wardrobe, Burberry is a brand that tops the list. But for those wondering whether it’s better to buy Burberry in London, the answer is – yes! As a British brand, buying Burberry products directly from their stores in the UK can save you from import duties and taxes that are added in other countries. Let’s explore further about the cost of Burberry products in London and how it compares to other locations.

Is It Better to Buy Burberry in London?

Many tourists and shoppers around the world wonder whether it’s better to buy Burberry in London, and whether Burberry is cheaper in London compared to other major cities. The answer to this question is, without a doubt, a resounding “yes.”. As a British brand, Burberry is both manufactured and sold in the UK, which means that purchasing your favorite Burberry items in London or other UK cities is cheaper than buying them in the US or other countries.

The reason why this is the case is due to the import and sales taxes that are added to the retail price of Burberry products in other countries. These taxes can add up significantly, making luxury fashion items like Burberry much more costly in the US, Asia, or Europe.

So, the next time youre in London, make sure to stop by one of the Burberry stores and see what wonderful items they’ve to offer.

How to Navigate the Burberry Stores in London, and What to Look Out for When Shopping

When exploring Burberry stores in London, it’s essential to consider factors like location, store layout, and products. Be mindful of the various departments as well as the spacious design of the store to get a broader picture of what’s on offer. Keep an eye on the latest collections, product lines, and seasonal items, and don’t forget to accessorize. Knowing what to look for in a Burberry store will help optimize your shopping experience.

It’s common for luxury brands to manufacture their products in various countries around the world, and Burberry follows this trend. Despite it’s British heritage, Burberry items are produced in factories located in Italy, Scotland, England and China. Let’s delve deeper into the details of Burberry’s manufacturing process and how it affects their brand.

Is Real Burberry Made in London?

Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand that originated in London. The brand was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and has its headquarters in London, England. While the brand’s heritage and roots are deeply tied to London, it’s important to note that not all Burberry products are manufactured exclusively in London or the United Kingdom.

Like many global fashion brands, Burberry has production facilities and supply chains in various locations around the world. The manufacturing of Burberry products, including clothing, accessories, and fragrances, may involve a combination of production sites both within and outside of the United Kingdom. These production sites are strategically located to ensure efficient production, distribution, and meeting global demand.

When purchasing Burberry products, it’s advisable to check their labeling or product descriptions for information about the country of origin. This will provide insight into where a specific product was manufactured or assembled.


In conclusion, the discontinuation of Burberry London has caused a stir in the fashion industry and amongst Burberry enthusiasts. The fragrance’s unique blend of spices, woods, and floral notes made it a beloved scent for many. Despite it’s popularity, the decision to discontinue the fragrance may have been a strategic move by Burberry to make room for new scents and products. While the disappointment may be palpable among fans, it’s important to remember that the fashion industry is constantly evolving and changing.

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